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Musical Theater Audition Master Class by John McMahon
5:30 PM17:30

Musical Theater Audition Master Class by John McMahon

We are please to offer the members of RCP as well as the RCP alumni a musical theater audition master class given by award winning NYC composer John McMahon. Mr. McMahon is back this year after a jovial and informative Cabaret workshop last year with another award winner Elaine Brier.

This master class will run from 5:30-8:30 for RCP members wishing to hone in on their audition skills. Interested alumni should contact me via email friendsofrcpfundraising@gmail.com as they are invited to participate as well. All are welcome to watch and learn from the master.

Interested participants should prepare a ballad and an up tempo piece. Please bring your sheet music with you. John will accompany you. If you have a resume and head shot please bring that along as well. Don’t be shy, John will walk you through the paces and you will leave with a solid audition set.

This workshop will take place at the Bryant Library in Roslyn.

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